About fourpercent

As a voice, we are the inspiration of ideas built to last. As a group, we are social entrepreneurs to heroes. Together we are on a journey to give a 100% of our profits to combat global depression and invest in growth and wellness.

Fourpercent began as an idea to develop a new social platform, designed to matter. An app fused around relationships and connections built to relate - - for our mental health, in the times. We are the balance of all chaos. Then, COVID-19 came and our lives as we knew it changed - for everyone. Some of us, it brought the best of us and for the rest, the worst. We knew then and now, we had something worth pursuing. Global governments along with the WHO are spending millions in new initiatives, programs and educational resources to help local communities cope. Opening the rest of us to a different kind of pandemic. The very glue backing our purpose.

Data if done right, sparks joy - fourpercent is the behaviour that creates meaningful conversations to find common connections. We do this by building passion projects into beautiful products on a bold mission to make change.

Help us rise every morning to make a fighting difference, a percent at a time.

Mission Statement

fourpercent mission is to drive global change through local actions.